Comedian Raju Srivastava, who was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of AIIMS for 42 days, died on Wednesday, September 21. Hospital sources on Wednesday confirmed that Raju Srivastava was dead at 10.20 am.



The last rites of Raju Srivastava will be held on Thursday 22 September, at Nigambodh Ghat in Delhi, his family confirmed.


AIIMS forensic department head Dr Sudhir Gupta informed that the postmortem was performed using a novel technique. Here is what does it mean,


What is novel technique of post mortem?


Dr Gupta said that novel technique of post mortem is also known as ‘virtual autopsy’ which is devoid of dissections. It is done with the help of high-tech digital X-rays and CT scan, according to the news agency PTI.


The AIIMS official further explained that the novel technique or virtual autopsy is a less time consuming process of post mortem as compared to the traditional post mortem.


“It (novel technique) is non-invasive process which allows the body to be released for cremation or burial sooner,” Dr Gupta said as quoted by PTI.

He also said that the traditional surgery during autopsy is a little but of pain giving to the aggrieved family. According to him, AIIMS Delhi is the only institute in southeast Asia which has been doing virtual autopsy for the last two years.


Why autopsy in Raju Srivastava’s death case?

Clarifying the reason behind doing an autopsy in this case, he said, “When Raju Srivastava was brought to the AIIMS in the very beginning, he was not in his senses and a clear history of fall during running on treadmill could not be explained properly.”


“This is the reason it had become a medico-legal case. In such cases, police opt for postmortem if the person dies,” Dr Gupta said, adding that the radiological examination can detect fractures and blood clots invisible to the naked eye.



Often there are concealed fractures and injuries which are difficult to spot, however, the virtual autopsy or novel technique helps in detecting even smaller fractures like hairline or chip fracture in bones along with bleeding which are signs of antemortem injuries, he said.


Dr Gupta also said that these smaller fractures can also be documented in the form of X-ray films. These X-ray plates have complete legal evidential value.


Raju Srivastava passed away in Delhi


Raju Srivastava was admitted to the AIIMS Delhi for more than 40 days after he complained about chest pain while running on treadmill. He also underwent a surgery on August 10.


Recently, the doctors changed the pipe of his ventilator to avert infection. At the same time, due to infection, his wife Shikha and daughter Antara were also not allowed to meet the comedian due to recurrent fever.




“I got a call from the family about half-an-hour ago saying he is no more. It is really unfortunate news. He was fighting in the hospital for over 40 days,” his brother Dipoo Srivastava told PTI yesterday.


Condolences pour in on Raju Srivastava’s demise


PM Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP national president JP Nadda extended their condolences on the demise of comedian Raju Srivastava.


Taking to Twitter, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh added, “I am deeply saddened by the passing away of renowned comedian, Raju Srivastava ji. Apart from being an accomplished artist, he was also a very lively person. He was also very active in the social field. I extend my condolences to his bereaved family and fans. Shanti!”.


Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, who once happened to be Raju Srivastav’s rival contestant in a comedy show, mourned his death and said that he will always remain alive in people’s hearts.


“You made us laugh so much, but I am deeply saddened after this news. I worked with him for a long time and learned a lot. He is not between us, but his performance will always remain alive in our hearts. We’ll miss you Gajodhar Bhaiya,” Mann said in a tweet.




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