T20 World Cup: There is still some time left for the start of the T20 World Cup and at such a time Jasprit Bumrah has been out of the T20 World Cup due to injury. Now which player will be included on his replacement, it has not been clarified by the BCCI yet.


The names of two bowlers Mohammed Shami and Mohammad Siraj are being said to be suitable for this. But Mohammed Shami failed to play the T20 series against Australia and South Africa due to being a victim of Corona infection. But now he has fully recovered from the infection, and has also started his practice for the T20 World Cup.


The Indian team flew to Australia today with 14 players including Shami as a standby player. Until Mohammed Shami passes his fitness test, he is unable to travel to Australia. In such a situation, he will first have to go to the National Cricket Academy and pass the fitness test, after that he can re-enter the Indian team.


BCCI official said,


“Now the time is much better than before and light practice has also been started by him, but now he needs a little more time to be completely perfect, this week Mohammed Shami will go to the NCA and get his fitness test done and the medical team Will be able to join the team only after clear report.


Mohammed Shami can compensate Jasprit Bumrah to a great extent

The Indian team has been deeply hurt due to the exclusion of fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah from the T20 World Cup. So the team is facing more trouble as India does not have any good death overs bowler in the absence of Bumrah. The biggest problem in India lately is the lack of good bowlers. In such a situation, Mohammed Shami can be included in his replacement.


There is also a problem associated with him and that is that he did not play T20 cricket after IPL 2022, he had this opportunity in the series against Australia and South Africa, but due to corona infection, he Missed this chance!


Mohammed Shami may go to Australia after October 11

Mohammed Shami will go to Australia with the players playing against South Africa after the end of the 3 ODI series. The Indian team will have a week’s training in Perth, followed by a practice match between Australia and New Zealand on October 17 and 19. It is the desire of the Indian team management that Mohammed Shami can achieve 100% match fitness during these matches.


Mohammed Shami has not been able to play T20 matches since IPL

Said by BCCI official


“The absence of Mohammed Shami from any match before the T20 World Cup remains a matter of concern. It is expected that Shami will definitely play in the fitness and practice match. If we had time to make changes in the team, we wouldn’t have any problems. Now after getting the medical report of Deepak Hooda, anything can be said clearly. There has been no change in the Indian squad. All the players selected as stand by selectors for the World Cup have been selected in the ODI series against South Africa starting 6 October, so that if required during the T20 World Cup, all players will be fully selected. Stay fit.”




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